August 03, 2022 2 min read

From end-of-summer escapes before back to school to upcoming holiday gatherings, travel season is upon us. And whether you're traveling by land, air, or sea, one thing is certain: getting to and from your destination with little ones in tow can be stressful, unpredictable, and daunting.

We're here to help! Here a few of our go-to tips for traveling with kids, as well as some from our friend Nicole Gradeless of Hello Happy Mom (she's a mom of 3, so she's got more than a few tricks up her sleeve!):

A young boy and girl sitting happily in a car watching Vooks on an iPad

Save your favorite Vooks titles for offline viewing

Did you know you could save your favorite Stories right to your app and then watch them without internet? Keep kids busy with screen time you can feel good about!

Spanish language learning activity from our on-the-go resource

Print out our free activities

Our special on-the-go coloring book, on-the-go activity book, and Alaska Airlines activity book (yes, we're available as inflight entertainment on Alaska Airlines flights!) were created with travel in mind, meaning minimal supplies and virtually no prep are involved. Educate and entertain? SCORE!

Travel with tired kids

Give your kids a chance to burn off some energy before boarding your plane or getting in the car. Encourage them to move around until the last second, utilizing airport play areas or stopping at rest stop play areas if you're driving.

A young girl playing in the car with mess free markers and coloring book

Try mess-free coloring

Mess-free markers that create fun, vibrant pictures with your kids' favorite characters without the risk of ruined clothes or car/airplane seat? Yes, please! Nicole loves this set (Hot tip from this clever mama: Tape the marker caps to the coloring book cover so they don't get lost. Brilliant, Nicole!).

A girl plays with gel clings on a car windo

Bring gel window clings

Gel window clings work on car and airplane windows, as well as windows near your airport gate. This perfect-for-all-ages activity is not only fun but also, like the markers above, is totally mess free. This pack comes recommended by Nicole!

A child in a car seat uses a snack spinner

Pack snacks—with a twist!

Nicole swears by this fun snack spinner that makes snacking fun! Kiddos press the center button to jump from snack to snack. It has 5 compartments and is spill proof!

Know that the juice is worth the squeeze

Most importantly, let go of all expectations and breathe. In the end, all will work out and the memories made with your family on your trip will be well worth any hiccups along the way.

Check out Nicole's video to see her tips in action.

Happy and safe travels!